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        Crater Lake National Park

        Yosemite National Park   (photos updated Oct. 21, 2016)

        Sequoia National Park

       Redwood National Park


I have embarked upon a new section and Project for this Blog.

I have a funding page to help me go to the accessible National Parks of the United States and review them for those of us with Physical Challenges.

In July, I am going to Crater Lake National Park, and will write that review and Post it in August. I am looking for not only accessibility, but possible Hotels, Motels and other facilities that will accommodate people with challenges as well as their service animals and other factors.

You can help. The biggest part of this project is letting people know about it. Donations are appreciated, but letting your friend know about it is very important. If you or your friends live near a National Park, they can help by suggesting accommodations and venues near the parks that provide services.

After Crater Lake, I will review Yosemite and Sequoia Nation Parks. After that it will depend on how much money I can put together, and weather issues. Death Valley may need to wait until the spring, bu that is the best time to go there. As you can imagine, before school is out and after school starts up again are the best times (in general) to go to the Parks to avoid crowds. Things like snow are a consideration too. Many parks, for example Yosemite, are absolutely beautiful in the Fall, winter and spring, so multiple trips might be necessary.



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