Welcome to the Challenge

When I was 13 or 14, almost 60 years ago, my next door neighbor and classmate, Lynn exposed me to photography. He had a tool shed attached to the back of his garage that he turned into a little darkroom. It was just across the alley from my house.

Lynn had a full darkroom in there including development trays, safety lights, tongs, Dectol and an enlarger with a stock of black and white paper.

He taught me how to develop Black and White film, and how to print the images. He taught me everything there was to know about cameras and how they worked, from f stops to ASA and shutter speed. I learned how to burn and dodge images and how to get the best I could from my amateurish attempts at photography.

Through the years I have always had a camera someplace close, and spent quite a bit of money on film and developing. I now spend money on software to manipulate the digital images and videos that I shoot of people, places and things where ever I go. I have not gotten any better, but I get much joy out of it, and to my mind that is what it is all about.

In the last 20 years I have broken many bones in my spine and elsewhere, and now need a scooter to get any distance.

This has not deterred me from my hobby, it has only restricted me from backpacking in the High Sierra Nevada and other of the places that I so enjoyed in my teen and young adult years.

This site was born of the interest in photography and the limitations that I have from my physical challenges. I have wondered how other people with physical challenges handle the situation and how they deal with travel and photography. I have wondered how they approach the new perspective that they have being at a different and lower eye level than most photographers.

The first of the many articles that I have written for this blog is an approach I took to help a friend compensate for his physical limitation. This will give the reader a flavor of the ideas I would like to mull over with them.

Of course, I would enjoy your feedback, ideas and criticisms. I must warn you I am an engineer and writing is not my strong suit. I write like I speak and type with two fingers (I’m old, give me a break).

Thank you for coming and joining in when you can.

Bill Lapham

Bill Pic